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"If you don't mind my askin', how much she set you back Clark?" - Time to Get Real About Workforce

3 of 5 Things You Must Know This Week -

If you aren’t familiar with the cult classic, "Christmas Vacation," the title of this article means nothing to you. I encourage you to watch the movie and have a few laughs. 

Those of you who have seen the movie will remember the burnt chair scene and are smiling even as you read.  The point is, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. 

Certainly, when it comes to workforce, we know this to be true. Employees are moving from one job to another at a career switch rate - for millennials - more than double their predecessors.  Some employers are figuring this out, and are trying to get employees to stick, while others are looking to technology to reduce workforce.

I recently heard a speaker discuss workforce. He shared what we should be doing as economic development professionals to help our communities deal with the shortage.  One comment really stuck out to me.

“In the next 15 to 20 years 40 to 60 percent of current jobs will be gone." Well, not necessarily gone, but not performed by a human. 

We all know that big changes are coming, and many of those changes will be centered around workforce.  Your Chamber is taking on this monumental task from multiple angles.  Certainly, our first approach will be to educate our young people. 

In 2019, our community went to work and created a Bachelor of Applied Science option for community colleges.  We are very excited about this opportunity and will continue to monitor progress as LCCC and other community colleges around the state set up these programs. 

Second, the Chamber is committed to implementing Talent Pipeline Management (TPM).  TPM is designed to get our employers engaged in the education process. It ensures students are learning the skills they need to succeed in the workforce and helps them align with a career after graduation.

These are only two examples of the Chamber's initiative to support workforce; however, they are examples of your Chamber’s commitment to building "the workforce of the future." We will continue finding solutions to workforce challenges and fight for your business!

- Dale Steenbergen, CEO/President of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce


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