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2021 Political Landscapes with Mayor Patrick Collins

Mayor Patrick Collins presentation begins at 32:45

With more than a decade of public service, but only four days into his new role as Mayor, Patrick Collins provided an overview of his vision for his first 100 days to members of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce during a virtual event today.

Collins said his top priority will be to grow the economy. His motto as Mayor will be similar to his motto as a small business owner, “Know Your Customer – Take Care of Your Customer” with the focus being on the needs of residents as customers of the City.

As a small business owner for more than 30 years, Collins knows the challenges of small businesses and said he will work to keep businesses and schools open as we continue to manage through COVID-19.


As for priorities, his first few months in office, Collins discussed the following goals:

· Conduct a goal-setting workshop for the Mayor and Council to prioritize issues for

budget formulation.

· Hear from groups with suggestions for 6th penny priorities – he encouraged the

business community to engage in the process.

· Hire new Chiefs for the Police and Fire Departments.

· Establish a funding strategy for upgrades to existing fire infrastructure as well as

the construction of new fire stations on the east and south sides of Cheyenne.

He highlighted concerns around the age of existing equipment and the ability to

effectively protect residents – grants are an option.

· Create a plan for the 18,000-acre Belvoir Ranch to open trailheads and create an

outdoor recreation area for residents.

· Spark the revitalization of the Reed Avenue Corridor, from 23rd to 16th Streets to

incorporate shopping and eating establishments that will enhance downtown.


In a Q&A session, Mayor Collins addressed concerns about continued reductions in funding for cities, towns, and counties. He acknowledged that the Wyoming Legislature has difficult decisions to make to fund the needs of all constituents, including local government and education, and he highlighted the importance of combined efforts to create solutions for the best outcome of all concerned.

The Mayor also answered a question regarding Cheyenne’s housing shortage. He pledged to do his best to shorten the construction timeline through business-friendly rules and processes that help reduce the current 3,000-unit housing shortfall.


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