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Legislative Session In Review With Your Local Chamber

The 2023 legislative session enacted laws that open the door to new business opportunities and better support military service members, but some lawmakers also lack a fundamental understanding of business and national security issues. It is incumbent on our community to help them gain a more complete insight.

“I think, from the Chambers that we work with around the state, we have a long-term concern on the understanding of the Legislature of business and how it operates and what it takes for a business to make money,” Dale Steenbergen, president and CEO of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, said. “And we’re going to have to work diligently to educate as many elected officials as possible on the plights that small businesses face in this state and that just because we are a low tax state does not mean we are a low cost state or an easy state to do business in.’’

Steenbergen applauded new laws that ease bar and grill liquor license restrictions; toughen penalties for multiple theft offenders; promote apprenticeship programs and job training opportunities in high schools; broaden day care options for working parents; and make important changes to workers compensation.

Your local Chamber worked on many things this legislative session, but some of the biggest items we covered include:

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