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Mayor Addresses 2020 Political Landscape

During the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce's Political Landscape Luncheon presented by Jonah Bank, Mayor Marian Orr reviewed accomplishments achieved in 2019 and shared her vision for 2020.

“A new year and a new decade brings many possibilities,” said Orr. “However, achieving a legendary year requires working together. For this reason, I am announcing my theme for the year is: Together 2020.”

Mayor Orr also said that 2019 had a few growing pains; but, overall, it was a year of significant change and advancement.

"There is a reason, I think, that the phrase "growing pain" is so popular. Moving forward is not without bumps and occasional chaos. But it's only when you learn from these moments and recognize them that you become better, you grow" said Mayor Orr.

Last year, the Mayor sat down with her Chief Economic Development Director, Brenden Ames, and determined an attainable goal for 2019. They planned to develop 45,000 square feet of land within the downtown and West Edge.

“Transitioning into 2020, this goal has been knocked out of the ballpark,” said Orr. “192,000 square feet of development has occurred within a half mile of City Hall though private investments.”

The Mayor said this success is due to simplifying the economic development process as much as possible for private investors.

To continue growing in 2020, the City is in the process of finalizing a Capitol Improvement plan. The items included in this plan require $160 million in funding, but will be instrumental in developing the community.

The Mayor also shared that in 2020, new development is on the horizon for hardship communities across the state, these small towns have populations of 1500 or less. Cheyenne and 14 other large cities across Wyoming will receive $100,000 less in direct distribution funding from the state; however, this funding will be distributed to communities in need.

"Our small communities are the fabric of our state. We need the ability to look locally, make our own decisions, and chart our own path."

According to the Mayor, for Wyoming to diversify it's economy and maintain strong communities - we need to come together.

“Here in Cheyenne, where we live the legend, success is achievable if we work on our communities together in 2020,” said Orr.

Special thank you to luncheon sponsors for making the event possible:

Presenting Sponsor

Jonah Bank of Wyoming

Bronze Sponsors

Black Hills Energy

Burns Insurance Agency, Inc.


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