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The Business of Politics! The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has your voter guide to Pro-Busin

The Business of Politics! The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has your voter guide to Pro-Business Candidates. Reverse Endorsements provide the business community the best way to identify business friendly candidates for office.

Every campaign season, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce provides its members with reverse endorsements that serve as a guide to identifying business friendly candidates. The reverse endorsement process includes a survey of candidates and all answers are available to the business community. If a candidate’s response does not align with the business communities views, the candidate simply does not receive the

Chamber’s reverse endorsement.

“We at the Chamber have done your homework for you,” said Mike Williams, Chamber Action and Advocacy Board Chair and Jonah Bank Vice President. “We’ve asked the tough

questions and compiled the answers. The reverse endorsement process gives all political candidates the opportunity to let the Chamber and the business community

know if they agree with our positions on a variety of important business and economic development issues.” he said.  

The process identifies potential elected officials who clearly support a robust community, vital economic development principles and who believe in a strong business community.Candidates were issued a series of questions specific to their race and had the option to participate. To qualify for a reverse endorsement respondents are required to answer the questions with 90% alignment with the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce’s mission for endorsement. These elements are critical to the success of our business community andthe Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce’s mission of To make the greater Cheyenne area a more prosperous and quality community.

“This process is a simple way of ensuring the Chamber, and its members, to endorse pro-business candidates who work to help our members be more successful,” Williams said.  

Below is a list of candidates deemed "Pro-Business" by the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce in their respected races:

City of Cheyenne City Council

  • Ward I: Stefanie Boster & Scott D. Roybal

  • Ward II: Mark Rinne

  • Ward III: Georgia Broyles, Ken Esquibel, Jackson Quick, & Joe Shogrin

Laramie County Commissioner

  • Lee Filer

  • Linda Heath

  • Gunnar Malm

  • Troy Thompson

  • Boyd Wiggam

State of Wyoming's House of Representatives

House District #7

  • John Lyttle

  • Sue Wilson

House District #8

  • Bob Nicholas

House District #9

  • Landon Brown

House District #10

  • John Eklund

  • Jenefer Pasqua

House District #11

  • Jared Olsen

  • Calob Taylor

House District #12

  • Ryan Lindsey

House District #41

  • Sean Castaneda

  • Bill Henderson

House District #42

  • Juliet Daniels

House District #44

  • Paul E. Johnson

State of Wyoming Senate

State Senator District #5:

  • Fred Emerich

  • Ryan Wright

State Senator District #7:

  • Stephan Pappas

State of Wyoming

Wyoming State Auditor

  • Kristi Racines

  • Jeff Dockter

Wyoming Secretary of State

  • Ed Buchanan

  • Jim Byrd

Wyoming State Treasurer

  • Leland Christensen

  • Curt Meier

Wyoming Governor

  • Bill Dahlin

  • Foster Friess

  • Sam Galeotos

  • Mark Gordon

  • Harriet Hageman

  • Mary Throne

United States Wyoming Delegation

U.S. Senate

  • John Barrasso

  • Dave Dodson

  • Gary Trauner

  • Anthony Van Risseghem

U.S. House of Respresentatives

  • Liz Cheney

  • Greg Hunter


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