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Adopt an Airman

Building Community - One Match at a Time
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The Cheyenne, Wyoming community has been supporting the military since the very beginning. Since 1867 to be exact when Fort DA Russell and Cheyenne were founded. Today, that tradition continues with the Airmen assigned to F.E. Warren AFB.

The Adopt an Airman program allows community “hosts” to connect with one or more Airmen who are
assigned to the base on their first assignment and provide a “home away from home” and builds resiliency
and relationships through shared community engagement.

Wondering What to Expect?

The program is designed to simply allow the HOST to include the AIRMEN in their normal activities. Family dinner on Saturday evening … invite your Airman. Hiking at Curt Gowdy on the weekend … invite your Airman. Maybe you just decide to hang out & watch the game or play cards YOU make it what YOU want!

The program is coordinated by a subcommittee of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee in conjunction with the 90th Missile Wing.

You can download more info below:

To submit an application, or to ask questions and learn more about the Adopt an Airman program, please email:

Additional information, stories, videos, & pictures can be found on the program’s social media feeds:

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