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The Initiative


Our nation’s roads and bridges are crumbling, our cities and towns are stifled by gridlock, and our water, energy, and communications infrastructure are outdated. Modernizing our infrastructure will fuel the economic growth we need right now and create good-paying jobs in communities across America.

I25 is a gateway to the greater Cheyenne area and the Chamber is proud to work with regional stakeholders to provide a solution for business travel. Passenger rail and road transportation are the key factors to keep our regional economy strong. By getting our voices heard at the Congressional level we can make this all a reality sooner than later!

Contact the Chamber, call 307-638-3388 or email


Spread the word on social media and use the below resources to make sure we are spreading the same consistent message. We need this BIG infrastructure package and you play a vital part in helping us ensure it becomes a reality!

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