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The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce works hard to provide businesses the tools and resources to operate at their best. The Business Accreditation Program allows business professionals to select an area of focus to RISE (Review, Ignite, Strengthen, & Expand) up to reach their highest potential. 

  • R- Review your business practices in the selected area. 

  • I - Ignite your potential by determine methods for improvement and identify the areas where you excel. 

  • S - Strengthen the standards of doing business in your sector and set the bar for excellence.

  • E - Expand your horizons for future success.

Chamber Partners application fee $250 per category submission. Non- Partners application fee is $750 per category.

Advocacy Accreditation:
  • Focuses on initiatives which have a direct effect on the economic environment where businesses operate

  • Demonstrates leadership through direct involvement in advocacy initiatives

  • Encourages employees to have a vested interest in the democratic process and policy making

  • Structures business practices around lawful principals and ethics


  • Self-auditing will educate businesses on successes and shortcomings

  • Businesses who invest in advocacy will see a higher return on their investment through economic development

  • The business community will find value in understanding the policy making process and develop abilities to advocate on behalf of their industry and community

  • A business community who invests in advocacy will increase relevancy Nationwide

Civic Trusteeship Accreditation: 
  • Focuses on civic trusteeship initiatives at all levels for the highest return

  • Demonstrates leadership through community involvement and external affairs

  • Encourages employees to foster a caring culture

  • Gains workforce skills through volunteerism

  • Retains employees


  • Self-auditing will educate the business on successes and shortcomings

  • Business will actively identify social issues which are most relevant to their business and most pressing to the community

  • Giving back to the community creates sustaining relationships and partnerships

  • Inspires and encourages employee involvement and can lead to easier talent recruitment and workforce retention

  • Investments in the community will positively impact the bottom-line of a business with in-kind gifts

Cyber Security Accreditation:
  • Demonstrates leadership through operating cybersecurity regulations and understanding their direct impact on the local area

  • Businesses will exhibit the ability to identify and accommodate present and future cybersecurity needs for optimal operations

  • Encourages employees to have a vested interest in bigger cause and being cyber safe at work.

  • Adopts stances which help with brand reputation and publicly impacting more than just the business but the community.


  • Becoming a Made Safe in Wyoming© business prepares for blockchain technology.  Companies that learn about blockchain and grow into it will have a head start if they meet best practices in cybersecurity.

  • The Made Safe in Wyoming© Program builds in leadership through community involvement by creating Peer Cybersecurity Mentors.

  • Managing cyber risks increases the business’s sustainability.

  • The pop culture of technology is detrimental to adoption of cybersecurity best practices.  However, the Made Safe in Wyoming© program empowers business owners and employees and increases their level of technical literacy.

Sustainability Accreditation:
  • Focuses on best practices related to sustainability

  • Demonstrates leadership through considering government regulations and the direct impact on the local area

  • Businesses exhibit the ability to identify and accommodate present and future needs for optimal operations

  • Encourages employees to have a vested interest in a bigger cause

  • Teaches businesses to adopt stances which help with brand reputation and publicity impacting more than just the business but the community


  • Self-auditing will educate the business on successes and shortcomings

  • Encourages businesses to think creatively about resources and how to best operate considering upcoming/existing risks

  • Businesses can obtain tax incentives, participate in program reimbursements and save when operating under a sustainable business model

  • Employees can participate in problem solving and be given opportunities to lead with their solutions

  • Businesses are held at a higher regard among consumers and sustainability models can enhance brand equity

  • Provides direct returns on investments with proven customer loyalty and employee retention

Workforce Culture Accreditation:
  • Focuses on workforce culture elements to enhance overall business

  • Understands the importance of basic needs for employees

  • Considers employee morale and identify programs to address employee needs

  • Prioritizes workforce development

  • Guides workforce by providing employees opportunity, resources and support


  • Self-auditing will educate the business on areas of improvement

  • Culture addresses:

•Job design

•Organization design

•Practices and policies

•Mission and values

•Leadership behavior

•Management style

  • Well-defined cultures provide guidance to the workforce community and can help both, recruit and retain a talented workforce for optimal economic development


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