Business Accreditation Program

Business Accreditation

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce works hard to provide businesses the tools and resources to operate at their best. The Business Accreditation Program is a partnership between local cyber security experts, CyberNite, Cyber Wyoming, and your Chamber of Commerce to train local, business-minded human resources to respond to the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) project.

The scope of the project is to increase small business cybersecurity advocacy, education, awareness, and adoption of best practices in the Cheyenne community by training a cybersecurity business counselor (CBC) who will assist businesses and reside in the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce.


According to the Cybersecurity Small Businesses by Paulsen in 2016, nearly half of cybercrimes are targeted at small to medium sized businesses. Yet the 2016 CSID/Experian Small Business Security Report’s states that 51% of small businesses are not allocating any budget to cyber risk mitigations, so it is clear that there is a gap between need and adoption of cybersecurity best practices.

The program will help businesses walk through cyber checklists, provide educational materials and presentations, manage a cybersecurity committee that all Chamber members can access, and provide tools and resources to businesses to meet best practices in cybersecurity.

Contact the Chamber to learn more: or (307) 638-3388

Chamber Partners

Phase 1 application fee $250


Non- Partners

Phase 1 application fee is $750


Chamber certification



Optional through CyberNite



Optional through CyberNite

  • Cyber Security Accreditation

    • Demonstrates leadership through operating cybersecurity regulations and understanding their direct impact on the local area

    • Businesses will exhibit the ability to identify and accommodate present and future cybersecurity needs for optimal operations

    • Encourages employees to have a vested interest in bigger cause and being cyber safe at work.

    • Adopts stances which help with brand reputation and publicly impacting more than just the business but the community


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