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Your Guiding Light

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce has created the North Star initiative to focus on making intentional progress as a business community. Our goal is to ensure our workforce is competitive on a National and Global level.

The Chamber's workforce projects reflect our dedication to pursuing solutions that ensure Wyoming has the right skills

for the jobs of today and tomorrow, and that our economy has the skilled workforce it needs to grow.

The demands of today’s economy require a strategic alignment between classroom and career that better supports students in their transition to the workforce.

To successfully build the workforce of the future, we must constantly innovate and invest in the economy's most important resource — human capital.


The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce will develop new ways for employers and educators to collaborate and identify new private sector tools for developing talented human capital, innovative strategies for managing risk in the labor market, and improved access for workers to constantly refine the skills our business community needs.

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Partners in Education

The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce’s work on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) initiative supports strategic alignment for these graduates.

For our businesses to succeed, we need to focus on creating a pipeline of talent to fill available positions whether they are existing or new. We need our community to unite together to address our workforce needs for today and the future.

Our VENTURE program prepares individuals for their future careers through stronger alignment between education, business, and the community.

Workforce Challenges

Our national unemployment is lower than the number of jobs that are available in the U.S. This means that even if everyone who wanted a job had a job, we would still have countless positions open. that we are putting more work on our existing workforce to meet the intense demands of products/services. We can not carry on this way. It isn't viable. In our dynamic economy, jobs — and the skills required to fill those jobs — are constantly evolving. We need an approach that can evolve with the economy, and the changing needs of employers.

For more information contact our Vice President

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