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As part of our ongoing dedication to developing talent in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the Front Range, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is spearheading and facilitating a variety of internships for students and externships for educators.

The goal of VENTURE is to provide hands-on experience and opportunities for skill development to educators and students.

By increasing access to the skills and knowledge used in business, VENTURE will help young professionals navigate our workforce.

Men at Work


VENTURE is focused on increasing the number of students completing high-quality career development opportunities and facilitating learning pathways that align with the needs of industry.  This includes working with education partners to support students in completing industry recognized credentials, attaining early post-secondary credit, and participating in capstone work-based learning experiences, such as internships and pre-apprenticeships. In addition, VENTURE supports educator professional development by partnering to provide externship experiences for teachers and counselors.

With VENTURE, employers have the opportunity to provide time and resources to help high school students become career and college ready, allowing Wyoming’s growing labor demand to benefit from a qualified workforce.

What's an Externship?

Am I Eligible for an Internship?


An externship is used for educators to gain up-to-date business and industry knowledge. After completing an externship, educators are able to apply that knowledge to their course work and better prepare students for the next steps in their career.

Each internship is unique in the requirements and qualifications they have for students participating in that opportunity. Most internships are intended for students between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. This includes students in High School, those seeking an Associate’s Degree, or those seeking a Bachelor's Degree.


Thanks for submitting! We'll contact you soon


Thanks for submitting! We'll contact you soon

Cheyenne Chamber Internships:  Communications

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