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Labor Of Today – From Curtis Dubay!

The job market continued to sizzle in September with 336,000 new jobs created – the vast majority created by the private sector. Also, job gains for July and August were revised a combined 119,000. Workers made more as well with wages rising 0.2%, up 4.2% annually.

Why it matters: While the labor force continued growing, expanding by 90,000 in September, it’s not growing fast enough to fill millions of open jobs.

Be smart: Finding more workers is critical for businesses to grow and compete. More legal immigration is part of the solution, along with helping Americans get in-demand skills and removing barriers keeping people from entering the workforce.

By the numbers: The top five industries that added jobs in September were:

  • Leisure and Hospitality: 96,000

  • Government: 73,000

  • Education and Health: 70,000

  • Wholesale and Retail Trade: 31,000

  • Professional and Business Services: 21,000

Learn more:

Get Involved: Enjoy these economic insights? The author, Curtis Dubay, is the Chief Economist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – and he will be speaking at our Economic Forecast Brunch on October 13 alongside other industry experts. There’s still time to register for this event and get the inside scoop on America’s economy over brunch. Our Economic Forecast Brunch, and the rest of our Business Month agenda, is presented by DAPCPA.


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