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Edit on Demand for Information Modeling:Create dynamic parametric views of your data and use them anywhere, not just in AutoCAD, for a faster and more accurate workflow.Multi-dimensional Graphical Query:Get the latest results with lightning-fast interactive queries.Markup Assist:Save time and money by building solid CAD drawings from concept to delivery. Markup assist uses predefined aspects of the drawing, such as the area of a component, to automatically populate text, dimensions, or other drawing information.Graphical Layout:Lead the way in a graphical user interface for creation, modification, and viewing of geometric layouts.360 360 Rendering:Automatically create a 3D view of a drawing while editing, and then export the 360-degree views to a portable file.Automate:Use templates to create similar designs automatically or speed up repetitive tasks. Create a template and then edit and annotate it to speed up your design process.Live 3D:Communicate with colleagues more effectively by sharing 3D views.Symbol Repository:Store shapes, styles, and symbology in a single, searchable repository.Live Dashboard:Track the performance of your drawing sessions.Shared Workspaces:Leverage the shared folder on your computer to organize your drawings.AutoCAD App for Surface Book:Experience the full functionality of AutoCAD on your Surface Book computer.Dynamic, Interactive Property System:Make minor changes in the real-time view, and new properties are automatically added.IntelliCAD:Make accurate measurements using built-in features such as area-selector tool and lengths tool.Multi-scale Navigation:Create customized zoom views to meet your specific needs.Multi-User License Mode:Enforce collaboration between multiple users by limiting them to certain areas of the drawing.All-in-One Documents:Easily link 3D views to DWG files and link drawings together with embedded files.Clipboards and Linked Views:Keep your drawings organized and accessible to you and your team.Integrated Browser:Connect and edit drawings online. 2be273e24d


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